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Top 10 Do's and Don'ts of Bridal Beauty

Makeup and hair and "my spray tan turned me orange!" oh my! Not to worry: Beauty expert Julie Swenson, who has lent her talent to more than 800 weddings and events, is here to spill her top 10 do's and don'ts for getting your look picture perfect.

1. Don't over shimmer your face: You are not a human disco ball. Products that are glittery,
shimmery or illuminating typically contain mica and will reflect too much light
in your photos. You'll look shiny and unnatural. A little shimmer on the
eyelids and high cheekbone is best. Try: NARS Highlighting Blush Powder,

2. Do hydrate: Get a glow naturally by using the proper moisturizer for
your skin type. All skin types need water and some skin types need additional
oil replenishment. Try: Philosophy's
Hope in Jar Original Formula
, $15-$40, then customize the amount of
extra love your skin needs with Elizabeth
Dehn's Vitamin C Active Moisture Serum
, $58.

3. Don't over powder:
While powder may absorb some oil, applying too much
throughout the day will create a layer of cakiness on the face and make your
skin look dull. Instead, use a primer and makeup setting spray to control shine
and oil and use blotting sheets to remove excess oil. Try: Too Faced Primed and Poreless Primer,
$30; Skindinavia No More Shine Makeup
Finish Spray
, $29; Tatcha Blotting Papers, $12.

4. Do bronze your neck, the top of your
ears and your hair part:
Your neck,
ears and part don't often get exposed to sunlight. Avoid looking two-toned or
blinding people with your pale hair part and ears by using a bronzer that
matches the undertone of your skin. Try: Bobbi Brown
, $38.

5. Don't exfoliate your skin too much: Over exfoliating or doing aggressive skin treatments close
to your wedding day could create skin dehydration and make it difficult
for makeup to bind properly to the skin and lasting all day
long. Use a gentle exfoliant that has hydration built in. Try: Elemis Gentle Rose Exfoliator,

6. Do research your look: Whether you're doing you're own makeup and hair or
are hiring a professional, it's important to know in advance what you want — and
what you don't want. Pinterest boards are the quickest and easiest way to
research photos and create your own beauty board.

7. Don't use the wrong thermal heat or
prep products in your hair:
flat iron and straightening products break down the bonds of the hair and make
it difficult to manipulate and curl the hair (and keep the curl). It can be
time consuming and will require more product to reverse this process, or it may
have to be washed all over again. To avoid a hair disaster, ask your stylist
what products to put in right after you wash it or leave it product-free. Try:
BlowPro Faux
Dry Shampoo
, $20.

8. Do use false lashes and quality lash
You don't want to look like a
Halloween character on your wedding day, but false lashes can add volume and
length that give your eyes extra pop and definition. Plus, they look great in
photos! Try: Ardell #110 strip lashes,
$3.69, and DUO dark
toned glue
, $5.99; to remove your lashes and waterproof makeup use Makeup
Forever Sens'Eyes
, $10.

9. Don't spray tan your face too dark: When your face becomes too tan you lose dimension; you lose
your bone structure and your face becomes one dimensional. It will take more
time and product to re-create your natural contour and highlight and your skin
could end up looking dull, muddy and over made. Try: Jouer Sheer
Bronzing Tint
, $34, on the high cheek bones, forehead, nose,
jawline, chin and neck

10. Do buy real hair clip-in extensions to
add length and/or volume:
Save time
and money with clip-in hair extensions. Just be sure they match your color and
are real hair versus synthetic. (If the hair melts on the curling iron, that
means they are synthetic, but you could video it and go viral with it.) Try:
Euronext Extensions, $80-$100.

Julie SwensonAbout Julie Swenson: A 20-year veteran of
the beauty industry, Julie Swenson is an award-winning makeup artist,
hairstylist and educator. She
has shared her talents for more than 800 weddings and special events. Swenson's work can be
seen in film, television, print and on the runway. She's participated in both
New York and L.A. Fashion Weeks, and has done work for MTV, Warner Bros, and NBC. She
has also been featured and published in numerous local and national magazines. Swenson teaches at the
Aveda Institute in Minneapolis and for schools and salons nationwide. She recently opened The Makeup Annex, a makeup training center in St. Paul, hosting
classes that teach women, brides and professionals how to master the art
of makeup.
Photo by Jennifer Whalen.

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