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11 Locally Designed Boutonnieres

Learn the thought process behind these beautiful boutonnieres from local brides and grooms themselves.

1. “Pink is my favorite color, and given the fact that it was a spring wedding, I was looking for something happy and fun. The color was a complete match with the bridesmaid dresses.” 
– Laura Angell, wife of Brett Ashbach
Forever in Bloom Floral | Photography: Staja Studios

2. “The groomsmen wore gray, black and ivory, so we wanted a pop of color to create some contrast. Their boutonnières also matched the bridesmaids’ yellow dresses.”
– Wing Ho, wife of David Ta
Florist: A Day in Provence | Photography: Erin Johnson Photography

3. “Initially I wanted white hydrangeas, but learned that they don’t do particularly well in boutonnières, especially in the summer. Our florist suggested the flowers we actually used.”
– Sarah Raser, wife of Ben Sherwood
Florist: Christine’s Floral Touch | Photography: Lace/Hanky Photography

4. “We wanted something that would contrast with my husband’s gray suit. When he saw it, he liked it very much.”
– Wing Ho, wife of David Ta
Florist: A Day in Provence | Photography: Erin Johnson Photography

5. “We knew we wanted something natural and elegant for the boutonnière. We pretty much gave the florist creative control, and it turned out beautifully.”
– Samantha Getz, wife of Corey Johnson
Florist: Colleen’s Flower Cellar | Photography: Staja Studios

6. “Our wedding colors were yellow and gray, so it was an easy choice to have the billy ball flower. We just loved how simple it was.”
– Anna Przybylski, wife of Dan Chang
Florist: Camrose Hill Flowers | Photography:

7. “We wanted Joe’s boutonnière to match the bouquet, and we saw a picture in a magazine of a bouquet of deep reds and purples. We loved it because it was fun and elegant.”
– Colleen Peterson, wife of Joe Crowley
    Florist: Zinnia Design Florals | Photography: Emma Freeman Photography

8. “I chose yellow in honor of my grandma, who has passed away. It was her favorite color and also matched the bridesmaids’ dresses.”
– Nikki Narbo, wife of Mike Kapps
  Florist: Arts & Flowers | Photography: John Sharpe Photography

9. “I was really involved in the process of choosing my boutonnière. It felt a little awkward in the beginning, because I wasn’t familiar with the different flowers. But we went through books to find out what we wanted.”
– Noah Johnson, husband of Anne Costello
Florist: A Day in Provence | Photography: Laura Ivanova Photography

10. “The colors of our wedding were deep purple and chartreuse. I designed the boutonnières myself and decided to go with green hypericum berries and bear grass because I wanted them to be unique and simple.”
– Kelly Semenkewitz, wife of Steve Sander
Florist: The bride | Photography: Chloe Photography

11. “I was inspired by the sunset, and at first I wanted use lisianthus. But then I watched Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day, which is set in the ’40s, and was inspired by the single carnations the men wore on their lapels.” – Emily Tenner, wife of Shamus Samborn
Florist: Sadie’s Floral | Photography: Jennifer Cress Photography

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