For the Fellas: How to Tie a Perfect Bow Tie

A simple tutorial to help you nab the perfect tie every time

Whether you're attending a wedding this spring or you happen to be the groom yourself, we suggest skipping the clip-on rental bow tie and recommend learning to tie your own (with a little practice, it's really not as hard as it looks!). If worn wisely with a clever pattern or complementing color, it can be a clean, fun alternative to the neck tie. Considered a classic, give this bow tie loop a try and get ready to impress. Follow the steps below to help you create a genuine and stylish knot.

Before you begin, make sure the thin section of the bow tie is adjusted to your neck size. Button your shirt all the way and pull your collar up and out of dodge.

1. Lay both shapely ends of the bow tie on your chest making sure one side is slightly longer that the other. Cross the longer side over the shorter side, tuck the longer side under and pull through, like the first step of tying your shoelaces.

First Step

2. Pull tight and lay the longer end on your shoulder while the short end lays straight down. Take the short end, fold up to your neck and hold, grab the long end resting on your shoulder wrapping it over and down in front of the short end.

Second Step

3. Now you will see two wings and a tail hanging down. Pull both wings forward and together away from your neck, pinching the tail in between.

Third Step

4. This will reveal a hole or loop behind the folded wings. While still holding the pinched wings, take the dangling tail to one side and push it slightly folded through the hole, so that it is hidden behind the wings. Then let go of the wings and you should have a loose bow tie.

Fifth Step

5. Pull tight and make adjustments as needed. Note: Your middle knot will most likely be an organic shape, and with some adjusting and tightening it can be smoothed out nicely.


Well done, you’ve created a dashing bow tie with no help from a clip or elastic band!