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A Downtown Minneapolis Wedding

Meet Me in the Clouds Above 7th and Marq.
updated 9/9/19
Downtown Minneapolis Wedding

As freshly-minted as the Jimmy Choos on the bride’s feet, Windows on Minnesota provided a pristine backdrop for this fairytale of an evening. The stage is set in a chic corner room of the Marquette Hotel, towering over a bustling 7th and Marq. A subdued but bright aura causes a calm mental groundwork for the festivities ahead. A jaunt down to Crystal Court at the base of the IDS tower mirrors the majesty of a tux and a gown. Walking through this indoor courtyard at 1pm on a busy Tuesday does not do this space justice, as one can see when you remove all the traffic. Muted whites and greens make up a breezy bouquet perfectly juxtaposed amidst the glass and metal. We move to the focal point of the evening. 775 feet above the city you witness through the floor-to-ceiling windows in place of walls, one could truly get lost in the sights. Sparkling table accessories only grow brighter into the night. As the sky dims, these photos allude to a sweet piano playing softly in the background, only the closest of friends sharing bottles of your favorite brut, truly a feast atop Mount OlyMinneapolis.

Wedding Photography in Downtown Minneapolis Wedding

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