Dance the Night Away in Your Second Look

Get reception ready with trendy two-piece ensembles, chic silhouettes and minis.


Minnesota Bride Fall/Winter 2023

If there's ever a time to embrace multiple outfit changes, it's your wedding day. Second looks are becoming more common across the industry and offering couples a unique opportunity to showcase their personal style across a few different looks. Second looks offer opportunities to vary lengths and play around with textures and bold styles more suited for reception spaces. Opting for a mini-dress or jumpsuit is a great way to maximize comfort and make sure you can hit all your signature dance moves. Another bonus, second looks are a great way to showcase accessories and flourishes specific to your outfit. As showcased below, the options are vast - and there truly is a second look that can suit every bride's style. It's a time to maximize the style and bring the fun into your special day! Move aside LBD - the quintessential little white dress is here to stay.  

(Above) Montserrat by Vera Wang Bride, available at Anna Bé. (Below) Anastasia by Untamed Petals, available at Ivory Bridal Co.
Meringue by Watters, available at Bella Bridesmaids.
Margot by Ines Di Santo, available at Annika Bridal Boutique.
Nash by Rue de Seine, available at A&Bé.