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Why Brides Deserve a Wedding Planner

Why should you hire a wedding planner?
You read all the magazines, you browse the blogs, you ask advice from friends who have gone down the aisle before. But imagine if you had a "wedding fairy godmother" who knew the details of your wedding inside and out, gave you unique ideas to personalize your wedding, kept track of your budget, plotted out every minute of your day-of timeline and introduced you to the incredible photographer that you never would've found on your own (and they're actually in your price range!). Planners usually know exactly what you want, where to find it and can usually get it for you for less. But beyond discounts and deals, wedding planners provide tried-and-true expertise and advice, top notch referrals and just plain peace of mind.

When should you hire a planner?
Sooner rather than later! So many brides come to planners after they've picked their date and location, and even their dress and their photographer. It's right about that stage that they realize just how badly they need a planner. I can't tell you how much time and energy I could've saved them in those initial steps. There is no reason not to use all of your planner's experience, contacts and knowledge! Don't worry about going to them without a date set or a location chosen, just get the conversation going as soon as possible. Getting a planner's input and guidance from the very first step is also crucial to achieving a consistent style and aesthetic in every single, unique detail of your wedding.

Where to find the right wedding planner?
While asking friends who have used a planner for referrals is always a good idea, brides often forget that their vendors are incredible resources. If you have already started talking to photographers or looking at venues, ask who they would recommend. They've seen it all and know exactly who the best in the business are. Same goes for the girls at the bridal salons. Take advantage of "insider information!"

How to get the most from your planner?
Again, if you're considering hiring a planner, start talking to them as soon as possible! Sit down with them and get a good grip on what services they offer, how they operate, and if you want to spend the next months (or years!) in pretty close contact with this person. It's essential to feel comfortable with the person you're trusting with one of the most important days of your life. Ask questions, be open and honest about your tastes, be frank about your budget and ask for their advice and ideas (you can take them or leave them but at least ask!).

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