Wedding Day Podcast Pilot Episode: Andrew Vick of Vick Photography

Tune into Wedding Day Podcast's first episode talking all things weddings with zany and knowledgable photographer Andrew Vick in Minnesota.
Written by
Emily Sweet

this week's topics: wedding photos, fika, Andrew's best wedding travel stories, forging connections with wedding pros, realistic photo expectations, engagement photos, first looks and Andrew's "secret sauce" for a successful relationship

For the pilot episode of the Wedding Day Podcast, Iron Diamond's founder Sonja Babich and co-host Dan Riggs joined guest Andrew Vick of Vick Photography to talk all things weddings. 

Sonja and Dan spent time asking Andrew about his experiences as a wedding photographer and advice for real couples in the planning process - and he had lots to say. Andrew Vick started his photography journey on the West Coast, where he attributes a lot of his early artistic influences. Now, Vick has traveled to 12 countries from Italy to Guatemala to photograph couples and capture their most precious wedding-day moments (he even photographed Dan's wedding!). 

It can be daunting to pick a wedding photographer, and one of this week's main topics was forging a meaningful connection with wedding professionals. “At the core what we do is we listen, we take feedback and then we create around someone else’s story and vision," Vick said. The photographer has a unique take on life that blends professionalism with a zest for life; Vick says he is focused on intentionality and authenticity in his relationships with clients. 

Sonja, Dan and Andrew of course had to talk wedding photos, from engagement to the big day. Are engagement photos even worth it? Should you opt for the first-look moment or hold out for the altar? There are so many factors couples often overlook when planning, and these wedding professionals broke down some of the best ways to ensure photographs that fit your vision. Vick ends the podcast's pilot episode with his own advice for couples planning weddings and beyond. 

"Who cares more?" It's a game that Andrew and his wife of 14 years played during their wedding planning, where they divided tasks and planning after having conversations for each element about who cares more. For example, deciding between a live band versus a DJ. It's a clear way to help articulate and prioritize as a couple, and Vick says it may just be the "secret sauce" to his own marriage.

Check out the entire podcast here or wherever you listen to your podcasts now. Photos by Vick Photography and beauty by WarPaint International. Special thank you to this week's advertisers Linen Effects, WarPaint International and Continental Diamond. 

Andrew Vick of Vick Photography

Co-hosts Sonja Babich and Dan Riggs