Treat Your Guests to Made-to-Order Ice Cream Sandwiches

Vegan, gluten-free and dairy-free options available from Honey + Milk Ice cream cart.
Honey + Milk's traveling cart is bringing sweet treats to weddings all across Minnesota this summer.
Written by
Taylor Boettcher


Spring/Summer 2020

Newlyweds Shanan and Kaley Lau are the owners of Honey + Milk, a made-to-order ice cream sandwich cart that would be a sweet addition to your big day. Whether as a dessert or a take-home treat, their ice cream sandwiches are a delicious, and delightful, treat for any reception.

Shanan and Kaley have been providing a fresh spin on dessert since March 2019. Though there are thousands of possible combinations, the Honey + Milk ice cream cart serves pre-assembled favorites at events. Their ice cream (vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options available), cookies and toppings are sure to satisfy each guest’s cravings. The aesthetically pleasing cart will fit right in at your venue, and its portability will work at most any location.

“We think that our service element is what sets us apart from other dessert options. It’s what drove us to start Honey + Milk, and it’s what we love most about what we do,” they say. Every dessert item is made fresh for your event, from the cookies to the smallest sprinkles. That’s the kind of care Honey + Milk offers to ensure that the sweet tooth of every party-goer is completely satisfied.