Throw the Best Wedding of the Summer with a Traveling Vodka Bar

A fresh summer drink made by BĒT Vodka Travel Bar in Minnesota.
BĒT Vodka Travel Bar can turn any reception into the party of the century.
Written by
Taylor Boettcher


Spring/Summer 2020

With BĒT Vodka’s new Travel Bar, you can take your open bar to the next level. Bringing their premium-pour cocktails directly to your event, BĒT (pronounced “beet”) features its award-winning sugar-beet vodka in carefully crafted signature cocktails. Select your signature sips from a seasonal menu of cocktails.

BĒT Vodka has a velvety mouth feel with notes of vanilla and pepper. Local mixologists and bartenders create captivating beverages that will enchant even the pickiest cocktail connoisseurs. Ben Brueshoff, owner of BĒT Vodka based in Minneapolis, is passionate about crafting a beautiful local vodka made for sharing.

“We started this business to bring people together, and this social element is definitely our favorite aspect of our business. Seeing the response of people who sample BĒT Vodka for the first time is priceless. They seem almost surprised at how good it is. For us, it’s our deeply rooted Minnesota brand story and these social interactions that continue to enliven us and move the BĒT Vodka brand forward.”

The BĒT Vodka Travel Bar offers three different packages: Simplified, Sincere, and Social, so you can choose whichever option best suits your event. Packages start at $400; the Sincere and Social options include a TABC-trained mixologist. Choose the Simplified package to rent only the travel bar to stock your event and the Sincere package for up to 50 guests with one signature cocktail and corresponding mocktail. The Social option is ideal for larger events, serving up to 100 guests, with two signature cocktails and one mocktail.