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The Symbolism Behind 5 Classic Engagement Ring Styles

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Which of these diamonds fit your personality, and what do they say about your wedding style?
Emma Franke
A Minnesota bride and her pear-shaped engagement ring

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The meanings behind different diamond shapes go back decades. While some settings have enjoyed a steady popularity, others have only recently come into the spotlight. Each shape has a distinct personality, just like the brides who wear them.

When it comes to choosing your stone, you want to get as much bang for your buck as possible. One of the best ways to get a larger stone for the same amount of money is by going lab-grown – which also happens to be a great choice for the environment. Because lab-grown diamonds don’t involve the heavy equipment, explosives or dangerous human labor that mined jewels do, the cost is reduced as well as the environmental impact. The only choice left to make is how you want to show your style.

This modern style has a couple different meanings. Some see it as representative of the past, present and future, while others interpret it as friendship, love and fidelity. Since this setting was invented in the 2000s, you’ll be showing your appreciation for current trends while still demonstrating good taste. 

Your wedding style: We picture you planning an all-out Twin Cities wedding – perhaps an industrial venue and a showstopping floral installation. Even if your décor stays simple, your guests will be able to tell your relationship is the center of your day.

The princess-cut bride is a romantic at heart. Your ring is a testament to your sharp sense of style and true beauty. This shape hails from the 1960s and brings the same brilliance as a solitaire with a unique square shape. Try pairing with a rose gold band for a mix of old and new.

Your wedding style: True to your romantic heart, your wedding will be all about the ceremony – with some new-age twists. Try blending your favorite wines for a unity bottle to drink on your first anniversary or planting a tree you can watch grow through the years of your marriage.

Pear-shaped diamonds have enjoyed a huge surge in popularity in recent years. Known to some as “teardrop” diamonds, this versatile cut is perfect for the adventurous bride who appreciates both tradition and the excitement of trying something new. Some choose to wear the point of the diamond toward the heart; others point outwards toward the future. 

Your wedding style: Your wedding will pay tribute to your love of adventure. Whether you plan a destination wedding in Grand Marais, an elopement in cabin country or something closer to home, your guests will enjoy an all-out experience.

Fans of the royals know Kate Middleton’s iconic sapphire oval ring. This shape is a twist on the classic solitaire and a way to bring personality to any setting. For creative and individualistic brides, this rock is the perfect match. 

Your wedding style: You’re inclined to go the DIY route, which can be a beautiful way to let your creativity shine. Be sure you’re not overcommitting yourself – your guests will see your distinct personality in your day no matter what.

You love a showstopper and you’re not ashamed of it. This diamond is bold and effortlessly chic. The natural association is with the 1920s and Jazz Age – exuberant and exciting. An emerald-cut diamond shows an appreciation for the classics with strong artistic awareness.

Your wedding style: We’re picturing a jazz trio (naturally) and photos at some of Minnesota’s Art Deco landmarks – Como Zoo or Hotel Ivy, for example.

No matter your gem shape, be sure to choose a band and setting you’ll love for the rest of your life. Clean Origin’s lab-grown rings are fully customizable, and the reduced price tag means you can step up the sparkle for the same cost. With the same chemical, physical and optical properties as a mined diamond, you can trust your lab-grown stone is the perfect choice to last a lifetime – and show off your style. 

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