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Why Every Bride Deserves Boudoir Photos

Sponsored Content five tips for making sure you choose the right photographer for yours.

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When it comes to boudoir sessions, just the thought can make women terrified.  Still, it's one trend that's become increasingly popular, especially for brides-to-be, who usually gift the final product to their spouse. Here's the thing: A boudoir session can be so much more than that. Yes, you get pampered with hair and makeup. Yes, you get to wear pretty lingerie; but it ultimately has nothing to do with the session's details. The confidence boost you'll experience after your session will change your life.

Every woman on the face of the planet has insecurities about their body - even supermodels! Unfortunately we live in a society that perpetuates the cycle that nothing is ever good enough and we forget that those images of supermodels are some of the most photoshopped images in existence. It's become a common misconception that we all need to look like the magazine version of those models in order to be beautiful.


I've photographed hundreds of woman of every shape and size, and guess what? Each and every single one of them is just as drop dead gorgeous and sexy as the next. The sad thing is, the beauty industry has the majority of women believing they are *insert whatever negative word you want here*. I love photographing these sessions because I get to help reverse those thoughts - if only in a small amount of the female population.

Boudoir photos can be a life changing experience. I can tell you that first hand, not just because I photograph them, but because my own boudoir session did just that for me. I'm your average woman who's head is full of insecurities. I used to think a lot of my unique characteristics made me unattractive, despite what my husband told me. Turns out there was some validity to what he was saying all of these years. I am beautiful, I am capable of being sexy and I have my boudoir session to thank for that liberation.


It started as a gift for my husband before a deployment. As it turns out, it actually changed my attitude toward myself and to this day I am so much happier. The moment I realized things had changed was when I found myself in a dressing room trying on this gorgeous dress. I loved everything about it except for the briefest insecurity about how I thought my arms looked. I pushed that aside, bought the dress and I get so many compliments every time I wear it. No one even notices how I feel about my arms.

We shouldn't let a group of people we will never meet decide what beautiful is. We shouldn't adopt those unrealistic expectations as body goals, and we should recognize that we totally have it going on. We owe it to ourselves to document that, and I suppose your fiance can benefit from it too. It's an amazing gift that's sure to bring the two of you even closer.

So how do you know who to hire? Here are some tips:

1. Personality: You want someone who will make you comfortable. If you are unable to get a good grasp of their personality online, get them on the phone. You want a photographer that will take the time to make sure you are comfortable.


2. Style: You should love the style that they represent in their online portfolio. Make sure it is in alignment with what you are looking for. Whether you want light and airy, dark and dramatic, or a blend of both. Hiring just anyone and asking them to replicate a specific style will not do anyone any favors.

3. Pricing options: A boudoir session pretty much requires you to be standing in lingerie in front of someone you don't know all that well. This is not the time to find the cheapest photographer. You want someone who has invested in their business to educate themselves on posing, angles, consistency, etc. It will be an investment, but many photographers offer really great payment plan options. If you book far enough in advance, you can take advantage of payment plans and still get your images in time for the wedding.


4. Products: In this day and age, it is easy to just want the digital files and call it a day. Then what do you do with the images? Most consumer labs require no previous job experience to work there, which means they do not necessarily care about the privacy of your images. Ordering your products directly from your photographer means that your photos are being processed by professional labs that take your privacy very seriously, not to mention the quality will be a million times better than those of a consumer level lab.

5. Perks. Every photographer is going to have different aspects of their business that may or may not be appealing to you. Some have a studio location, which means you won't have the added expense of a hotel room. Some session prices include hair and makeup, and some photographers even have a lingerie closet, which all can help save money. Every photographer has a specific experience that they strive to give to their clients, make sure their vision matches yours.

Mad Chicken Studio, Duluth Boudoir Photography is a full service boudoir studio located in Duluth, MN. They specialize in making every woman who walks into their studio look and feel amazing. They photograph over 100 women every year, and women drive from all over to experience one of their sessions!


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