Kaleidoscope Table Settings Create Mesmerizing Décor Displays for Small Events

Set the table and set the tone for your wedding with these expertly-crafted tablescapes.
Written by
Megan Simpson Teeter


Minnesota Bride Spring/Summer 2024

Simplify your styling with Kaleidoscope Table Settings, a tablesetting service that specializes in rentable tablescapes for small celebrations. Choose from their many designs, whether for an intimate rehearsal dinner, a lavish bridal shower or the wedding feast itself. Boasting a collection of china, glassware and unique accessories, Kaleidoscope, based in Minneapolis, creates a visually stunning dining experience for gatherings from two to 24 guests. Couples will find in Kaleidoscope a valued partner that adds sophistication to any small event, with a flair for design and attention to detail. From coordinating with the wedding theme to adding personalized touches that speak to your style, Kaleidoscope Table Settings is dedicated to making your tabletop design breathtaking.

Photos courtesy of Kaleidoscope Table Settings.