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Grooms' Wedding Formalwear FAQ

Mark Morrow, president of Savvi Formalwear, answers some tricky questions in regards to men's wedding formalwear.

Can you match the girl’s dress colors?
The women’s dresses are alive with color–and that’s a good thing! Right now there is a wide variety of colors to choose from, something to fit every bride’s vision of her wedding. When talking with a Formalwear Specialist it is particularly important to find one that understands color and offers a very wide palette. Look for a company that is dedicated to matching a wide variety of the leading dress designers to insure that perfect look for your wedding. At Savvi Formalwear, we are totally committed to providing the perfect match. You can visit and click on the “Find My Color” tab. You will find an invaluable tool designed to provide the perfect compliment with 7 of the leading bridesmaid manufacturers.

When do I need to order tuxedos for my wedding party?
At Savvi, the first step in arranging for the men’s attire is to “register your wedding.” This process includes working with one of our Certified Formalwear Specialist to provide the perfect look for your wedding. During the selection process, we are firm advocates of the Groom’s Test Drive; a unique, no-cost opportunity for the groom to try on the complete outfit for your wedding prior to finalizing your decision. Sure, it looks great in a picture with a high-priced fashion model, but how will it look on you? We believe in making you look your best and taking the guessing out of what you’ll look like on your big day.

Once your styles are selected, they are recorded on a registration form that includes the bride and groom’s names and addresses, the gentlemen’s names that are part of the party and the styles you have selected for each to wear. With the registration complete, the men can stop in to be fitted at any metro location up until six weeks prior to the wedding.

How do I get the guys out-of-town fitted?
At Savvi, we recommend that that your men visit one of our 300 locations nationwide, where one of our Specialists will provide them with a complimentary, certified fitting. If a Savvi store was not readily available, the men in your party can be fitted by a tailor or men’s formalwear specialist. Measurements can be returned via our website, email fax or phone. Once the men arrive in town, we are prepared to deal with any last minute “surprises.”

When should my ringbearer get fitted?
The littlest members of your group can often “grow like a weed.” As a result, in an effort to minimize last minute adjustments, we typically recommend that ring bearers hold off until just four weeks prior to the wedding.

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