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By cultivating a space of comfortability and depth, the aim is to capture your story. And to be as unobtrusive as possible to allow room for the most raw and authentic images.

I love the real stuff - your quirky smiles, the way your eyes sparkle in connection, how you make each other laugh without speaking a single word. In the most joy-filled, goofy moments and the most intimate ones as well, my aim is to capture the unique YOU!


"Coral is THE best of the best! I seriously cannot express how much we love Coral, both as a person and her amazingly talented work. We will recommend her until the end of world. She is, without hesitation, the best in the business. She has the most incredible demeanor, that of someone you will most definitely want on your wedding day with you. She kept us calm, made us feel SO special and loved, and coordinated our crazy wedding party with ease. Her being with us during intimate moments felt so natural because she knows exactly how to be and when. She knows how to pose and how to capture the raw moments. We do not have a single bad picture from our day and it is all thanks to her. The moments she captures, what she does to make photos pop, it's all unbelievable. She is an incredible human and is utterly amazing at what she does!! She made our day a success and we would not have had the most special day of our lives without her!" - Paige Borth

"Just what we needed! Aside from Coral delivering stunning photos something that we admired so much about Coral Photography was her presence! There’s so much beautiful chaos happening on the big day and Coral was so calm and sweet! She reassured us multiple times that it was our day and we could do what we wanted! She captured our day in such a beautiful way that didn’t feel like she was obtrusive at all! She was timely and efficient at capturing moments! I don’t think as a bride we think much about the energy in a photographer! We need someone who can bring the excitement during wedding party pictures, bring the calm during family photos, and feel like a fly on the wall during the ceremony and reception (aka she captured our day so beautifully yet during the ceremony and reception we hardly knew she even there in the best way :) ) Coral represented all those qualities!" -Shay Boo

"Effortlessly amazing! Coral took the time to get to know us and made our experience personal. She captured us in a way that made us feel very comfortable. There are many photographers who can take high quality pictures, but none can capture the spirit of the event while maintaining THE highest quality. “She’s the best there is, plain and simple!” I would highly recommend for any future events." -Joel Hines

"My goodness, Coral is top-notch. I am a super awkward person and tend to freeze up when a camera is pointed in my direction. I get more silly and weird than cute, but some how she made it look like I was actually comfortable in front of the camera by coaching my husband and I through our session with her. Her editing is the best I’ve seen, her creativity is amazing and we loved having someone so sweet and thoughtful taking pictures of us. She’s amazing!" -Erica Cassada

"Coral was amazing!! She photographed our elopment at the art institute and we are IN LOVE with or photos. Coral was helpful, flexible, timely, and a peaceful presence. I appreciate how much time, effort, and detail she put into the entire process. Some thing that stood out to me was Coral helped us feel comfortable during booth the engagment and elopment shoots. Her fun loving and calm presence helped us feel at ease on our big day. I would HIGHLY recommend!!" -Emily

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