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Having a Difficult Time Choosing Your Bridesmaids? Here, Some Advice

Q. I recently got engaged and am having a difficult time choosing my
bridesmaids—I feel lucky to have so many amazing friends! How do I decide who
should be in my bridal party?

A. Don’t fret—having so many people who care about you is a
wonderful thing! Not to mention that brides have many options to ensure their
sisters, sisters-to-be and best friends are involved in their special day.

“Brides can incorporate as many or as few people into their bridal party as
they like,” says Joan Nilsen, president of Ambiente Wedding and Event Planning.
“And there’s no rule that says the number of bridesmaids needs to match the
number of groomsmen.” Remember that it’s your day, she adds. There’s also no
reason a male friend or family member couldn’t be one of the bridal attendants.

Before choosing your bridal party, take some time to yourself to think about
your wedding day and the people you want standing by your side. “It’s important
to think about who you are going to be close with in 20, 30, even 40 years, and
make sure they have a place in your wedding party,” says Nilsen. “It’s always
smart to consider incorporating your sisters or sisters-in-law. Even if you
aren’t close now, that doesn’t mean you won’t be in the future.”

In addition to bridesmaids, brides can also ask important friends and family
members to serve as personal attendants, hosts or greeters. To ensure these
friends and family feel involved in your big day, don’t forget to invite them to
the rehearsal dinner, include them in wedding day photos and seat them at the
head table. Gifting corsages or other accessories is another way to make them
feel acknowledged.  

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