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Signature Cocktail: Cranberry Raspberry Margarita

Signature cocktails may seem like a minor wedding detail, but they can really set the tone for an evening. Think about it -- a classic martini feels formal and fancy, a citrusy mimosa feels refreshing and relaxed, and a hot toddy should be sipped on a cold winter's night. For my own late spring wedding we chose both a his, a timeless Manhattan, and a hers, a light lemon drop martini. And while we had an open bar, most guests opted for one of the two. Why? Because it felt like the perfect accompaniment to the evening. 

Our sister site, Seattle Bride, shared this recipe for a sweet and salty Cranberry-Raspberry Margarita from Seattle's Valley & Co. and we thought you might like it too. After all, a margarita is satisfying no matter where you're sipping.  Its soirée soulmate, you ask? Perhaps a sunny outdoor summer wedding with pops of bright colors, a live band and an end-of-evening bonfire. Although, who am I kidding -- I wouldn't refuse one in the dead of winter. 



-one cup of fresh cranberry juice

-4 oz. raspberry puree {you can make it by blending a package of raspberries with 1 oz. water until smooth – then strain}

-4 oz. good tequila

-fresh lime juice

-small grain sea salt


-fresh raspberries to garnish


-Wet the rim of four large glasses with water and dip into the sea salt to make a rim.

-Pour cranberry juice into a shaker {or pitcher} with ice and add raspberry puree and tequila. Shake until combined.

-Pour into glasses and add a squeeze of lime atop each drink. Add raspberries to garnish. Cheers!

Aleah and Nick Valley are the owners and operators of Valley & Co. Parties | Weddings | Lifestyle in the beautiful Emerald City {Seattle}. They're a husband + wife wedding and event planning and design duo™ {since 2003} who specialize in making life grand. Check out their event planning firm’s website to inquire about their services.

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