6 Ways to Keep Your Dazzling Engagement Ring Good as New!

Robbins Brothers offers some expert advice on how to keep your ring in tip-top shape.
Have you ever wondered why your ring doesn’t shine like it used to? Well, it may be due to dirt and oil build-up from everyday wear. But don’t fret – there’s a super-easy way of fixing it and making it sparkle again. Engagement ring experts, Robbins Brothers, shares multiple ways to ensure your diamond ring stays safe, shiny, and sparkly for years to come.

1. Keep it Clean! 
There are 2 ways of doing this – a weekly cleaning at home, and an annual cleaning with a professional jeweler.

A.) An at-home cleaning isn’t labor intensive and requires only warm water, a dash of dish soap, a soft-bristled toothbrush and a microfiber cloth. You can also use manufactured jewelry cleaners found at the store. Note that some metals do require different cleaning agents than others.
B.) Robbins Brothers offers complimentary professional cleaning services for customers. You can bring your ring in and they will deep clean it for you while you shop. They will also check the integrity of the setting and prongs to make sure the stone doesn’t become loose.

2. Protect the ring from chemicals! 
Make sure to take it off and put it in a safe spot while doing things like washing the dishes, cleaning the house, or anything that requires harsh chemicals or abrasive solutions. Those chemicals can erode the metal setting and dull their finish. The same can be said about chlorine in pools, hand sanitizer and the chemicals found in beauty and hair products used in the shower.

3. Leave the bling at home! 
Your diamond is more prone to getting damaged if worn while doing things like working out, playing sports, swimming, etc. Diamonds are strong, but not invincible, and can get scratched, chipped, or knocked loose if accidentally knocked the wrong way. It’s best to leave it at home in its own jewelry box.

4. Give it its own home! 
Because diamonds are the hardest stone available, they can easily scratch and damage some of your other jewelry. So make sure to keep it in a small ring box or pouch and away from other jewelry to keep everything safe!

5. Insure it! 
Robbins Brothers suggests insuring the ring before even leaving the store. You can add on to your homeowner/renter’s insurance policy, or go through a jewelry specialist.

6. When it comes to sleep, it’s up to your level of comfort. 
If you’re someone who moves a lot when sleeping, it’s best to leave the ring on the nightstand. This will prevent it from getting caught in your hair, on a loose thread, or just slipping off entirely to be lost in the sheets.