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Sunny Barn Shoot with a Bohemian Flair at Ivory North Co.

This radiant styled shoot uses yellow and gray to illuminate the classic barn’s setting.
Hailey Ashton

Inspired by Pantone's choices of Illuminating Yellow and Ultimate Gray, 2021's Colors of the Year, visionary Candace Holmstadt of 651 Studio Floral wanted to showcase the hues in a sunny styled shoot alongside Alexandra Robyn Photo + Design that takes trendy barn weddings to the next level. The marriage of gray and yellow reflected the combined feelings of bleakness during the pandemic with the newfound spirit of sunny optimism, hopefulness and strength that the world has adopted since businesses began opening back up. With the beautiful white barn of Ivory North Co acting as a blank canvas for the vision, Holmstadt opted to create a bohemian atmosphere using pampas grass and yellow florals to match the cheerful mood of the shoot. Hair by Theresa created a loose dutch braid adorned with pressed yellow flowers for the bride's hair that radiated the relaxed, carefree style that's synonymous with the boho look. Macrame plant hangers were used for the dessert spread to create an innovative way to display the beautiful macaroons from Gladis Macaroons. For the arbor, a gray pentagon was used to deviate from the traditional square shape, which perfectly illustrated the fresh ideas that made this shoot so special. Pentagons were further used on the signage and seating charts to carry out a cohesive look for the shoot. Lastly, Holmstadt made sure that the materials used were as sustainable as possible, as the invitiations were printed on recycled paper, the confetti was biodegradable, and all the signs are reusable. The use of pampas grass also promoted sustainabilty, as it is not only popular because of it's beautiful texture, but also because it's environment-freindly and cost effective since it can be reused. The emphasis on sustainability was another way to make the shoot more inventive and refreshing, as it helps keep the earth healthy. This shoot was a dazzling display of bright and airy decor paired with unique features that created unforgettable wedding inspiration.

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