The Prettiest Purple Inspiration for Any Boho Wedding

Photo By Rachel Parsell
From magic and mystery to creativity and spirituality, add symbolism and whimsy to your wedding with shades of purple.
Written by
Hailey Ashton
With wedding season in full bloom, things are bright for those who are ready to celebrate their love surrounded by their loved ones. It was this spirit of rejuvenation and celebration that florist and visionary, Candace Holmstadt of 651 Studio Floral, wanted to capture in this lavender boho wedding shoot. Holmstadt was inspired by everything that purple symbolizes including prosperity, resurrection, transition, creativity, and love at first sight - all elements of life that resonated the most with people throughout the pandemic. Combining these elements with spring florals and dramatically dyed pampas grass, the essence of finding a new zest for life truly radiated throughout the beautiful scene.

Using various shades of purple (from violets, mauves, and peaches) via color blocking (rather then blending them together), Holmstadt made each hue stand out in a fresh new way. Set against the rustic Barns of Lost Creek, the photos came to life as the purple popped out from the lush scenery and earthy tones. The specialty lavender cocktail embellished with purple flowers, aptly named "Purple Rain", continued the theme of newfound zeal with its citrousy taste while the decor, adorned with more lavendar florals and grasses, adhered to the bohemian whimsy present in the decor, bridal accessories, and location. 

The shoot perfectly expresses the current universal desire to celebrate with friends and family through monochrome florals and boho charm. If you're considering adding this transformative pantone to your wedding, check out the photos below and get inspired!

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