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Modern and Romantic Bridal Inspiration

A vision of unique dark accents blended with traditional charm makes for one-of-a-kind wedding inspo.
Hailey Ashton
Photo by Katie Mae's Photography

Most spring inspired weddings opt for the typical soft, sweet, and feminine styles that go hand in hand with this blossoming time of year. But Bri Gehrman, owner of BG Events and Designs, wanted to bring a more contemporary vibe to this shoot, while still encorporating the blush colored charm that spring always promises. Gehrman and Candace Holmstadt of 651 Studio Floral worked together to bring this vision to life, using the dark accents of the Skyroom at Red Wing Golf Course as inspiration. To bring the spring polish into the shoot, light pink flowers (such as cymbidium orchids, king pink proteas, country blue roses, and carnations) were mixed in a trendy technique of blending traditional and tropical flowers. They were then arranged with a black greenery (argonis greens) to create a timeless, less feminine arrangement that matched the venue's accents. By using less traditional florals and greenery, the space became a perfect unique combo of soft and edgy. 

Triangular geometric pieces were also used to give the space a sleek modern edge. The arbor was made into an inverted diamond shape, paralleled with the smaller triangles used throughout the shoot. For the dessert table, the always versatile grid design was used to back more triangle signs and props. The furniture gave the space more dusty pinks and mauve colors to emphasize the darker spring theme. Decorating the space with the dark, smooth lines of the geometric elements and contrasting them with the soft, plush floral arrangements certainly brought the venue to life.

The Fab Tap mobile bar used in the shoot captures the fun, youthful spirit the spring season always brings, and creates a unique experience that can bring life to any reception. 

The shoot flawlessly balances the classic soft pinks and blushes popular in spring weddings with the refined dark colors and sharp lines of modern design to create a sophisticated spring photoshoot that's fresh, exciting, and beautiful. 

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