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Make Your Partner Happy With Three Simple Statements

Adrienne Laursen, Licensed Marriage Therapist and nationally recognized relationship expert, shares tips for Making Your Partner Happy With Three Simple StatementsAdrienne is the owner of THE ENGAGEMENT COACH, and provides exclusive, customized premarital and relationship coaching to her clients nationwide.

Often times, we make our relationships more difficult than necessary, but remembering to focus on the important (and often simple) things can go a long way.  These ideas aren’t always gender specific, but it’s a great place to start. 

The Top 3 Things Your Guy Wants To Hear

1. How Was Your Day?

Simple, right?  So many men complain that their partner just isn’t interested in their day, what happened at work and problems they’ve had to address.  So ask, and really listen… it will go a long way to letting him know you genuinely care.

2. I really need your help solving a problem or completing a task.

Men are typically very solution-focused and enjoy solving problems… it’s what they’re good at!  So, involve him in an issue you're having every so often and let him really solve something for you.  Just don’t overwhelm him with too much information, drama and emotions.  Remember, this is for him!

3. I want to have sex tonight!

Men often connect with their partner through physical touch, whereas women tend to be more emotional.  So, if you want your man to feel loved and appreciated and more connected to you, this is a surefire way to make that happen. 

The Top 3 Things Your Lady Wants To Hear:

1. You look beautiful today and I really like your hair!

Women like to feel noticed and acknowledged WITHOUT having to ask for it.  Regular compliments go a long way and let her know that you’re taking notice and finding her desirable and attractive.  Compliment her hair, her smile, her makeup, her clothes, etc.

2. I’ll do the dishes tonight.

If men are motivated my physical touch, women are definitely motivated by action.  Because women are typically the managers in a relationship, taking something off her plate is about as wonderful as men getting sex!  It shows her you care, and notice that she works hard.  Plus it gives her some time to spend on something she enjoys.

3. Let’s go on a date!

Suggesting it is great, but make sure you take it a step further and PLAN it!  Again, it’s about the effort for women, and knowing that you’re still thinking about her and wanting to spend quality time with her.  So, find the babysitter, make the reservations and just tell her to get ready!

adriennelaursenAdrienne offers both in-person and online premarital and engagement coaching, and is passionate about helping couples create a beautiful, successful marriage. Please visit her website, The Engagement Coach, for more information and to contact her directly.

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