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The Benefits of Hosting a Small Wedding

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Four reasons why an intimate celebration could be your perfect big day.

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Planning a wedding can be expensive and time consuming. From the flowers to the dress, food to the drinks, linens to the drapery - the budget adds up and expands quickly! It’s also easy to get caught up in your big day, losing the time to spend and celebrate with your favorite people. At Mission American, we would love to host an intimate and close celebration to keep your budget smaller and time spent with your guests longer.

Why should you book a small wedding?

1. The Intimacy

With a small guest list, you will enjoy more intimate moments and less distraction with your friends and family. It can be overwhelming to share face-time with a guest list of 300. A small wedding allows you to have memorable conversations and moments on your big day.

The Intimacy Benefits of Mission: Mission features private rooms to host your rehearsal dinner and also offers the entire restaurant to book for your wedding reception. The plush seating, floor to ceiling windows and beautiful lighting give our venue the intimate and private atmosphere that a small wedding craves.


2. The Budget

Some venue rental fees can average $5,000, not including food and beverage. Without rental fees, you are able to spend your budget on other details like your dress or decorations. Having a smaller budget also gives newlyweds the ability to save for other purchases like a down payment on a house or honeymoon.

The Budget Benefits of Mission: At Mission, we only have food and beverage minimums and do not charge rental fees. From a guest list of 10 to 100, Mission can offer private rooms to accommodate a small budget at a beautiful downtown Minneapolis venue.


3. The Details

From beautiful flowers to table linens, enjoy putting a personal touch on each and every table without maxing out your budget. Small weddings give you the ability to perfect each and every detail without overwhelming yourself with the stress of a large venue and guest list.

The Detail Benefits of Mission: Mission’s small and intimate atmosphere can adapt to any celebration theme. With dark woods and natural lighting and textures, you can choose to complement your day with simple flowers and votive candles or elaborate centerpieces and linens.


4. The Menu

Enjoy quality and spend less on quantity. Leave your guests remembering a crafted menu to complement your taste pallet. Enjoying a small dinner allows you to design a delicious and memorable menu, removing the standard wedding cuisine that can be less than desirable.

The Menu Benefits of Mission: Well-crafted flavor combinations break the mold of traditional restaurants. Fresh seafood, flavorful salads and all-natural meats are just a glimpse of what you can expect at this award-winning Minneapolis restaurant downtown.

Urban energy meets style and comfort at Mission American Kitchen & Bar. This contemporary American restaurant is located in the beautiful IDS Center in Downtown Minneapolis. Floor to ceiling windows, intimate plush seating, exceptional service and an extensive wine collection make Mission the perfect dining locale.

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