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From Kennedy to Kate Middleton: The Evolution of the Wedding Dress

A brief look at the wedding dress trends that define decades

Have you ever noticed the style of a wedding dress tends to define a decade? The symbolic dress embodies all the special qualities of clothing during that era -- sheath silhouettes of the '20s, full tulle skirts of the '50s, the puffy sleeves of the '80s (*cringe*). Like all things, wedding dress history repeats itself and lucky for us, some of these by-gone styles become classics (Kate Middleton's Grace Kelly-inspired dress, for example). Check out the timeline below for a look at how the dress has evolved in the last century. Your grandmother's gown looked just like that? That's the style your mom wore? We had the exact same reaction and we're sure as the decades roll on, our daughters and granddaughters will share similar feelings, because wedding dresses have this thing about them -- they both define us and connect us. 


This infographic created and provided by Bespoke Diamonds

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