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Ask The Experts: 9 Tips for Finding the Perfect Wedding Dress

Tips, Rules and Advice about finding your dress for your wedding day
updated 9/3/19

Feeling confident in your skin and ridding yourself of any negativity are the two first (and most important!) requirements for wedding dress shopping but they're only the beginning. Choosing a gown is stressful, there's no doubt about that, but smart preparation can make all of the difference. These 9 tips and tricks from industry professionals will help you feel confident, avoid stress and say "yes" to the dress of your dreams without a second thought. 

1. Bring a Supportive Group: Bring positive people who agree with your style and who understand that the dress is ultimately your decision. Having a lot of different opinions can leave you feeling overwhelmed so keep your entourage to five or less. Also, try to shop by yourself (at least once!) so you can find out what you really love without anyone else's opinions. -Shae, Consultant at Brilliant Bridal

2. Have an Open Mind: Most brides leave with a dream gown that is the exact opposite of what they were looking for. Don’t be afraid to fall in love with something different than what you originally had in mind. -Helen, Store Manager at Brilliant Bridal 

3. Don't Judge a Dress by its Hanger: You’ve heard it before, dresses look different on the body than they do on a hanger. If you see one thing you like about the dress while its on the hanger, try it on! In the bag they seem flat and lifeless but come to life once they're fitted to your body's amazing curves and features. -Christina, Wedding Coordinator at Kiss Kiss Weddings & Events

Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown Advice, Shopping Tips and Tricks, Wedding Professionals

4. Try on All SilhouettesEven if you think you don't want a ball gown, try it on! It’s better to try on all the silhouettes and say, "no, this isn’t my style" than to never have tried it on at all. -Alli, Consultant at Brilliant Bridal

5. Embrace the Bridal Gown: We all know bridal gowns are completely different from your average street clothes but most brides don’t anticipate how heavy or formal they can be. Don't let it scare you! Embrace the gown for what it is and know that this is your big day to shine so it’s okay to stand out in that glitzy gown! Once you can get passed that, you can really enjoy the experience. -Helen

Tips for Choosing The Right Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown Advice, Shopping Tips and Tricks, Wedding Professionals

6. Trust Your Consultant: Your wedding dress consultant knows the store and dresses better than anyone else. After trying on the first couple gowns, she/he will begin to narrow down your likes and dislikes and start picking gowns that you may have never thought you would love. -Christina

7. Don’t Over-Shop: 7-10 dresses in one day can overwhelm and confuse a bride. Know when it's time to take a break and come back another day with a clear mind. -Helen

8. Once You Find 'The Dress', Stop: When you find a dress that none of the others even compare to, then thats your dress. Not all brides have that moment of ‘awh’ or cry when they find the dress and thats okay! When you know, you know. I like to make this point to my brides-- when you knew you were going to marry your fiance, did you keep looking? -Christina

9. Have Fun: This experience should only happen once in your life so enjoy it! Follow these tips, bring a supportive group to your appointment, embrace the bridal experience and we promise you’ll have a great time! -Alli

This column of advice was put together by professionals and experts in the bridal industry, featuring Wedding Planner Christina Ayers from Kiss Kiss Weddings and Events and the bridal stylists from Brilliant Bridal in Phoenix, Arizona.

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