Wedding Day Podcast Episode 10: Kristin Banta with Kristin Banta Events, Inc.

Sonja Babich and Dan Riggs sitting down with renowned Los Angeles wedding planner, producer and designer Kristin Banta

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This week's topics: unconventional wedding planning, the importance of personalized weddings, blending creative elements, challenging wedding traditions, the various roles of a wedding: planner, designer, producer and coordinator, current wedding trends and crafting immersive wedding experiences.

For this episode of the Wedding Day Podcast, Sonja Babich and Dan Riggs had the distinct pleasure of sitting down with the trailblazing Kristin Banta of Kristin Banta Events in Los Angeles. Known for her avant-garde approach to wedding planning, Kristin has become a beacon for couples who want their big day to be a true reflection of their love story. From her roots in theater arts to revolutionizing wedding design, Kristin's journey is as captivating as the weddings she crafts.

Kristin kicked off the conversation by giving us a glimpse into her colorful background, blending stage management, scenic design, welding, and lighting into a spectacular cocktail of creativity. "I opened this company to kind of represent that niche market within the wedding space," she explained, setting the tone for a discussion that would challenge conventions and celebrate individuality.

One of the core takeaways from this episode is Kristin's affection for breaking away from traditional wedding norms. She passionately believes that every couple's wedding should be a personal masterpiece, not a cookie-cutter affair. "There are so many things that are a little bit archaic. If you think that you have to do them, it may or may not be representative of who you are as a person getting married." Kristin detailed, underscoring her philosophy that every element of a wedding should tell the couple's story in a way that's uniquely theirs.

One of her most memorable events: Kristin shared the story behind the "Hell and Heaven" wedding she produced a few years prior. What started as a simple angel and devil concept transformed into an immersive experience inspired by classics like Dante's Inferno and The Odyssey. "Let's give it some soul. Let's bring this more into hell and heaven and lean on literary works," Kristin said, illustrating how she turned a quirky idea into a profound and visually stunning celebration. Of course, the event was not without a profound sense of humor. The ceremony featured two distinct sides of the aisle for guests: a light side, offering a sweet ball of cotton candy, and a dark side, serving up a smoldering cocktail.

The trio also delved into the nitty-gritty of the wedding industry's ecosystem, with Kristin breaking down the roles of coordinators, planners, designers and producers. Kristin explains that coordinators are the guiding hands that couples rely on to manage the wedding day logistics, especially when couples are doing much of the planning themselves. Planners take a more involved role, offering guidance on elements like colors, bands versus DJs and vendor contracts. Designers focus on the creative aspect, developing decor boards, creative decks and visual diagrams to bring the couple's vision to life. Producers, on the other hand, are the masterminds who handle everything from design and coordination to logistics, often supported by a larger team to ensure a seamless, cohesive event. "Each role contributes to the overall wedding experience," she clarified.

Kristin outlined a few of the latest wedding trends. From sustainability and health to creating unforgettable guest experiences, she painted a vivid picture of how these trends are shaping the future of weddings. "We're seeing new focuses on wellness, supporting the environment and curating new experiences for attendees," she shared, displaying how modern couples are staying ahead of the curve while keeping true to what matters most to them.

This episode is a goldmine of insights and inspiration for anyone looking to add a dash of magic to their wedding day. Kristin Banta's blend of creativity, passion and expertise is nothing short of infectious. Whether you're planning your wedding or just in love with a good event story, this episode is sure to leave you inspired and ready to create something truly unforgettable.

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