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Wandering Hearts: Rachel and Dylan Join Their Lives in One Spectacular Union. 

A singular romance takes a lively pair to wed in a city emerging from a pandemic. 
Derewko Torres

High school sweethearts met six years ago in downtown Minneapolis and have been together ever since.  Their kind of romance is the kind that comes but once in a lifetime. Rachel and Dylan’s passion for roaming the planet and their affinity for adventure gifted them a special type of bond. As exploring was always top priority to them it was only natural for Dylan to incorporate it into the surprise proposal. A trip to Thailand planned for March 2020 was cancelled due to Covid but Dylan was determined to make the proposal special. He quickly put together something unique and truly magical. Rachel said ‘I do’ in an “off the map” cenote in the Riviera Maya, Mexico. Special photography and videography were required to capture the limestone ceiling in the caves, crystal clear water and the moment.

Growing together in love was a journey in itself. Dylan an RN for operating room and Rachel an aerospace engineer, colleges and careers kept them really busy. Yet their love flourished, as they joined their lives at Semple Mansion in the heart of Minneapolis. When it came to the planning, they played a high-risk guessing game and drew up a guest list of 200. Hoping that Covid restrictions let up by the wedding date a more realistic aim was 100 guests and surely by the date the venue was back to full capacity. It turned out to be the perfect number, they decorated the stairs and guest's dinner table more to fill out the space and it turned out amazing yet intimate.

The bridal gown was difficult to find as she wanted something one of a kind. Rachel found a gown at Wona Concept the only issue was that the shop was in Turkey. She sent her measurements and counted on them by buying a dress she had not physically seen. It turned out perfect.

Bridesmaids dresses from David’s Bridal added a soft and almost airy pop of color.

Hairstyles by Jess and makeup artist Glam by Sam both highlighted her bridal radiance.

Semple Mansion’s historic charm and timeless statement offered them the ideal venue.

Brittany Morris of Bella Mystique coordinated the heartwarming event.

A traditional ballroom dance and vows written by the pair were the highlight of their day.

Laura Alpizar Photography captured all the romance and genuine candid moments.

Colors and inspiration for the day were sage green and vines giving off a secret garden feel. Florals by Artemisia Studios.

Pretty and sweet cake by Buttercream. Mossy green with gold touches invitations by Shutterfly.

An extraordinary day.

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