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"A Passageway of Veils" Styled Boudoir Shoot

Caitlin Crees

What can I even say about this lovely set of images. If you have considered a boudoir shoot, but have been hesitant to go through with it (totally understandable, by the way!) these lovely photos just might change your mind. With the help of the right professionals, this type of shoot can be anything that you want it to be. Whether you're the bold and confident type, or a little more reserved, it's always fun to have an excuse to feel feminine and flirty before or after your big day.

The talented local vendors who put together this shoot struck a perfect balance between sweet and sexy. I love the unique veil theme they created, adding so much gauzy, flowing texture to an already beautiful set. Everything came together flawlessly, from the beautifully natural hair and makeup look, to the incredible wardrobe. White lace, loose curls, I'm in love!

"A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil." - Victor Hugo, French poet.

From the photographer: This shoot was inspired by the unique way that a veil moves and drapes. Photographing veils has always made my heart flutter behind the camera. This is where a passageway of veils was born. This concept shoot features movement, through (and in) a passageway of fabric & veils. For me this symbolizes the different weddings and bride's "veils" that have been part of my photography journey. I also picture the bride walking through the passageway of women in her family who had wed before her. A walking legacy of lace. 

From the stylist: Turning this vision into a reality was a joy! I imagined myself as the bride and thought about how amazing it would have been to do a shoot like this as part of my engagement experience. What girl doesn't love playing dress up and especially in wedding dresses and veils? Taking the concept of movement and light, and adding in the gorgeous details and textures from The White Room gowns, allowed for some stunning bridal portraits during this session and gives brides some inspiration for additional photos in their dress and veil. 

We also added multiple dresses and looks to form a story line of less is more. From the stunning hand sewn Linyage top, to the back of the Elizabeth Fillmore, to the complete layered look and back to the lace bodysuit. Showing that veils have a place from the beginning of the day to the end. 

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