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Horse-Drawn Carriages

Where to rent horse-drawn carriages, wagons, sleighs and more

Q. I love the idea of using a horse-drawn carriage as part of my wedding-day festivities. Where can I rent one?

A. Check out Johmar Farms and their impressive collection of carriages, wagons and sleighs. Based in Marine on St. Croix, the company will tote their horses and buggies anywhere in the state, and will stay for as long you want. “The traditional trip takes the bride and groom from the church to the reception,” says co-owner Mary Block. “But now we often see brides and their fathers being brought to the ceremony in carriages as well.”

Johmar Farms offers a wide variety of rides to suit your fancy, including working antique carriages, a wagon that can hold your entire wedding party and a spitting-image replica of the Cinderella carriage (before it turned back into a pumpkin, of course). If you’re planning a winter wedding, Johmar Farms also offers a variety of sleighs (no snow required) that can be horse- or even reindeer-drawn. All rides start at around $550, varying per vehicle, duration and destination.  

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