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Temaki & Texture

A Modern Boho Concept
Rebekah Gregorich

A complex and rich palette for the eyes and the taste buds. Deep reds amidst stark white and calm cream. Natural lighting bouncing off black tableware and glowing furniture. These elements combine beautifully at the PAIKKA space to create a refreshingly alternative wedding day for a like-minded crowd. An array of sushi, temaki in particular, is an excellent choice for handheld cocktail hour food. With its cone-shaped nori outer shell, it can be held easily like a cocktail. The couple, newlyweds in real life, are styled in a smartly bohemian way that yields comfort but also impressive style. The groom could go jacket-less with his shirt sleeves rolled during the ceremony and not look out of place amongst the bride’s structured but macramé-esque lace. The tassels hanging off each place setting amplify the look with a bit of tradition, though fit in seamlessly with their color and cohesion of free-moving strands. It’s a scene that is as real and breezy as the laughs and joy caught candidly throughout. 

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