Sugarspoon Desserts

In the home-kitchen of Dr. Altreisha Foster, where family and loved ones gather, an unexpected craft was born. Sugarspoon Desserts is a boutique cake studio offering a variety of deliciously hand-crafted, decadent Wedding Cakes, Custom Cakes and Heavenly Treats as well as spectacular, memorable Event Experiences and hands-on, instructional Training Classes.

Everything is made from scratch, locally sourced and with the freshest of ingredients. Our recipes are home-grown, family approved, Caribbean flavoured and full of tradition, filled with love, heritage and a sprinkle of happiness. Due to the delicate nature of creating custom, individualized baking and architecture, we encourage an intimate transaction with our clients that enables us to foster a warm and clear understanding of what our clients want so we can successfully bring their vision to life.

Sugarspoon Desserts believes in Community. Through our Cake Therapy arm, we will provide Baking Courses, Conferences,& Programs for less fortunate females and youths that have been adjudicated in delinquency in Juvenile System, aged out of the Foster-Care system and have been in and out of out of home placements.

We have been fortunate to be featured in Media Franchises, Beauty Houses, Publications and Television Shows such as Perfette, B Collective Magazine, Ulta Beauty, People Magazine, Munaluchi Bride, Minnesota Bride,  Fox, The Bachelorette, ABC, PBS, US Weekly, Jamaica Observer, and Television Jamaica Ltd.

So whether you’re getting married, celebrating a special day or commemorating a significant occasion, Sugarspoon Desserts would love to be a part of that experience with you

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Plymouth, MN
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