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Running Away Together: Eloping at The Enchanted Barn

This premier wedding venue has a "Elope With Us" package.
updated 9/4/19

Sometimes, a big wedding just isn’t in the cards—but that doesn’t mean you and your honey need to run off to Vegas. Couples now have a gorgeous romantic getaway option in Hillsdale, Wisconsin.

A premier venue for Wisconsin weddings, the Enchanted Barn’s new Elope With Us package extends the barn’s availability beyond the 52 Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays each year.

“We know that not everyone wants a big weekend affair that takes months of planning,” says owner Lorin Humphrey. “Our new elopement package is perfect for those couples, while still allowing them access to the many amenities we offer.”

The package includes an intimate ceremony at the barn; then they can start their honeymoon the same day with a stay in the on-site bridal suite. They can add various luxuries such as pampering spa services, a private dinner and more.

Video and streaming services of the ceremony are also available so the couple can share the moment with friends and family. “Imagine a Tuesday-morning sunrise ceremony with no one watching, but it can be recorded to share with family and friends at your leisure,” says Humphrey.

The package is generally available Monday through Thursday, though Sunday may be an option. (Nearby Canoe Bay Resort is also available for accommodations if the on-site suite is booked.) “Elopements” can be planned in a shorter timeframe than a traditional wedding, usually about one to two months.

“Too many times, couples look forward to things surrounding their wedding instead of experiencing the moment,” says Humphrey. “The elopement package allows the couple to truly experience the memories being made.”

Elope at The Enchanted Barn | Wisconsin Bride magazine

Elopement at the Enchanted Barn

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