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Top Fourteen Real Weddings of 2014


2014 was an incredible year as far as Minnesota weddings are concerned. Every wedding we share has a special quality that catches our eye, that keeps us coming back to pour over the gorgeous photos, and most of all, that will inform and inspire our brides' own special days. That means picking our personal favorites is a nearly unthinkable feat--we can’t help but love them all! Instead, we ranked the weddings that were the biggest hits amongst our readers, because pageviews don't lie. Without further ado, our fourteen most popular Real Weddings of 2014 as selected by you!

#1. Cara & Laura

#2. Tiffany & Everson

#3. Carrie & Tony

#4. Tamara & Todd

#5. Maggie & Nic

#6. Katelyn & Dave

#7. Chris & Kim

#8. Kirsten & Carlos

#9. Rachel & Luke

#10. Megan & Daniel

#11. Rachel & Graham

#12. Abby & Paul

#13. Mark & Diana

#14. Shauna & Matt

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