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Lydia + Michael: Wedded Bliss at Loring Social

Caitlin Crees

From the wedding planner:

"It’s one of those Minnesota mornings, that starts out bright and cheery and then slowly gets grayer. Perhaps another bride would have been panicking, hitting refresh on accuweather, as if that might help. Not Lydia. Walking out of the Hyatt Regency elevators downtown I turned the corner towards the VIP Suite, not thinking to make sure I had the right room, laughter erupting from across the threshold. This was the right room. Last to get her makeup done, last to get dressed, Lydia was glowing with a brightness that made up for the impending rain. Relaxed, only a little bit jittery, ready to get married to the love of her life. And not just a cute, ‘we met a few years ago’, love story. Our favorite kind of love story … highschool sweethearts from the small town of Delano. And we all say ‘awww”." 

Lydia and Michael's Loring Social wedding is a beautiful example of how a group of unbelievably talented vendors can come together to celebrate a couple in love. Every aspect of this special day represented this gorgeous couple and their Minnesota roots. The Loring Social, new breakout venue of the year, lended the perfect atmosphere, classy and cozy at the same time. Breakfast for dinner is such a cute choice for a wedding meal, and that tower of donuts from Bogart's speaks for itself. Lively dancing, touching speeches and smiles all around make it pretty clear that this adorable pair only had eyes for each other and didn't sweat the small stuff (like a threat of rain) on their day together.

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