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Kendal & Dan: A Sweet Backyard Celebration

Caitlin Crees

I love when a couple infuses their wedding with details that are truly and uniquely them. While following style trends can be a good source of inspiration (with tons of great wedding resources out there it is so easy look at a million different ideas) it's most important to remember yourselves and what you love as a couple. Kendal and Dan's sweetly homespun wedding is full of personality and charm. The bride is a designer so of course she had a big hand in pulling her special day together. With help from their family and some talented professionals, this pair struck the perfect balance of personal and polished.

From the photographer:

Kendal and Dan are Ohio natives that have resided in Minnesota for just a short time. Their wedding took place at the quaint and cozy Riedel Farm Estate in Fridley - a venue just large enough to accommodate 60 of their closest family and friends. A Designer and driver at heart - Kendal designed just about every aspect of her wedding - from the flowers, cakes and paper goods, down to a detailed wedding plan to ensure her family members were able to bring the vision of her dream wedding to life, while she dressed in the confines of an interior Estate room. Details were simple and elegant and fortunately for everyone, the rain stayed at bay for much of the day, with only small threats throughout the ceremony and dinner. Kendal commutes to work every day by scooter, so incorporating the color coordinated bike was a must!

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