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Katie & Sam: A Timeless Wedding in Downtown Saint Paul

Caitlin Crees

Oh, Saint Paul. With the iconic buildings and charming streets this alternative to Minneapolis is a sweet one. The skyline isn't as high and the neighborhoods aren't quite as hip but I just love a wedding in the capital city - and the St. Paul Hotel is tough to beat for effortless class and timeless atmosphere. Katie and Sam's wedding day is just that: classic. From the beautiful cathedral where they said "I do" to the stately floral centerpieces and lavish table settings at the reception, this celebration is a beautiful display of elegance.

From the photographer:

Katie and Sam had a beautiful summer wedding that took place with the lovely backdrop of St. Paul. The ceremony was at Assumption church and the reception was held at the St. Paul hotel. Everything about the day was elegant and sophisticated. Two families from the midwest and the east coast came together and it was a wonderful celebration.

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