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Sunny Wedding Day in Peach and Gold

A makeup artist's wedding dreams.
updated 9/9/19
Wedding Photography in Minnesota

Wedding: September 3, 2016

Julie Lam and Rudy Phaxay met at a friend’s barbecue. Rudy surprised Julie with a proposal during a photo shoot of the pair and their two dogs, which led to picture-perfect engagement photos. The wedding’s peach and gold color palette was strongly influenced by Julie’s profession as a makeup artist—she wanted colors that would complement a bold red lip. Gold sequins and accessories shimmered in the natural daylight and sparkled under the chandeliers and candlelight once the sun went down. The couple added plenty of creative touches, and Julie joked that she probably purchased every single can of metallic gold spray paint from every Lowe’s in the area. The couple personally letter-pressed each one of their 180 invitations, and Rudy made the beanbag-toss set that guests enjoyed at the reception. One of their favorite moments was their first dance, where it finally hit them that they were husband and wife, and their happily-ever-after was just beginning.

From the photographer:

Julie transformed the VHC, an amazing bright and open venue on it’s own. Yet, walking in on Julie’s September wedding day, it blew my mind. It was so remarkably done! From the lounge furniture that Julie had brought in, to the amazing set of Kate Spade shoes to Julie’s 3 full wedding looks (her wedding dress, traditional dress and romper at the end of the night!!). It was so amazing to photograph all the magic that she put together. Her venue was the perfect setting with it’s beautiful wood detailing, and windows all the way around and on the ceiling. This girl is after my own heart with her creativity and of course her obsession (like mine) of gold! Julie has this smile that radiates through the room and your heart, and you add a red lip to that and it just intensifies in the best way! So many special moments throughout the day including seeing Julie and her Grandma during the fun family tradition of going to each table during the reception for a cheers & games. Yet my favorite moment closed the night with Julie and Rudy singing to each other to tears during their first dance. 

Julie and RudyJulie and RudyJulie and RudyJulie and RudyJulie and RudyJulie and Rudy

Wedding Photography in Minnesota
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Wedding Photography in Minnesota
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Wedding Photography in Minnesota

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