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Jennifer & Hayden: Elegant Winter Wedding at The Depot

As they planned their wedding, Jennifer Pohlad and Hayden Schuette took inspiration from the bride’s late grandmother, whom Jennifer had been very close to. “Classy and elegant” guided every stylish detail, including the gorgeous neutral palette of black, ivory, gold, gray and pine green. For some brides, their wedding day “musts” focus on the dress, the flowers and the ceremony décor; while those were important to Jennifer, the self-proclaimed foodie was more focused on the menu. She worked closely with the Depot catering staff to ensure meals were made with organic, healthy foods where possible, and included crème fraîche and berries in place of cake to satisfy guests’ yen for something sweet. The couple also added a hand-drawn rosemary illustration done by a friend to various paper pieces. “The herb stands for remembrance,” says Jennifer. “We used it to remember all of our grandparents and people who couldn’t be at the wedding. I also loved that throughout history, rosemary was planted when people got married.” The tasteful day was one the couple will never forget, and will look timeless for decades to come.

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