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Intimate Elopement at Mill City Ruins Park

A one-of-a-kind combination.
Caitlin Crees - updated 8/29/19
Wedding Photography at Mill City Ruins Park

Every couple is different, and that means that every single wedding is a unique reflection of two people and their shared lives together. I love that a wedding is a celebration of two people coming together; blending their style, personalities and little quirks into a one-of-a-kind combination. There is no limit to the possibilities when it comes to planning a wedding. Whether it's dancing late into the night on a sandy beach, formal elegance at a country club, or a quiet and intimate elopement like the one below. Emily and Alejandro's special day was all about the two of them, opting for a private and personal sunrise ceremony in the Mill City Ruins Park downtown Minneapolis. They added flair by working with several talented vendors to provide a luscious bouquet, a beautiful flowing dress (Leanne Marshall gets it right, people) and some gorgeous photos that will last a lifetime. This lovely event is a perfect example of the inumerable wedding options out there - find the right one for you!

From the photographer:

Emily & Alejandro decided to have a quiet and personal elopement for two in the beautiful light of sunrise. With a little styling help from some incredible vendors and a beautiful gown, their wedding was true to them and their intimate commitment to each other.


Wedding Photography at Mill City Ruins Park

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