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Caitlin & David: James J. Hill Library Wedding Full of Lush Greenery and Copper Accents

Caitlin Crees loved visiting the James J. Hill Library, even as a young girl. When she started planning her wedding with David Dik, they designed everything around the historic venue, including her dress. It helped that Caitlin, who works as a digital production associate for Minnesota Bride, has viewed images of hundreds of weddings during her career, so she had plenty of inspiration to draw from. With the library as their canvas, they incorporated a lush mix of greenery and copper into the décor.

For the bridesmaids’ dresses, Caitlin wanted a mismatched aesthetic, “I know it’s really popular right now, but it’s a style I’ve loved since high school.” The couple took a similar approach with their dessert, opting for four smaller cakes, each designed a bit differently. “I love everything Danielle Bjorling at Copper Hen does, so I asked her to do whatever she wanted as long they were all unique.” With the venue’s location in the heart of downtown, out-of-town guests relished the opportunity to explore the best of St. Paul during their visit. “I could not have even imagined doing it anywhere else,” says Caitlin.

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