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Anna & Stephen: A Perfect Summertime Wedding at the Lakeside

Wedding: July 11, 2015 Photographer: Matt Lien Photography Ceremony & reception: Calhoun Beach Club, Minneapolis Honeymoon: St. Lucia

Anna Sauer and Stephen Anderson were good friends in their college days at St. Olaf, becoming a couple only after they graduated. For their summertime wedding, they looked at only one venue, and knew almost instantly that it was right. Their instinct must have been spot-on, because the wedding was exactly as they’d imagined. From Anna’s elegant entry down the staircase at the Calhoun Beach Club—accompanied by a string quartet—to the couple’s signature his-and-hers cocktails (Stella Artois beer and cosmopolitans) to the outdoor “bubbly bar” overlooking the lake, where guests sipped from an assortment of sparkling wines chilled by floral ice cubes—everything was perfect. At the end of the evening, guests left with bags of coffee beans from Dogwood Coffee, whose packaging was printed with the story of how they met—those first moments that would eventually lead to this one perfect lakeside day.

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