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Anjali & Adam: A Vibrant Wedding at the Dakota Jazz Club

Caitlin Crees

The Dakota Jazz Club was positively buzzing with bright colors and happy guests during Anjali and Adam's beautiful wedding reception. Their traditional ceremony at the stunning Lakewood Chapel earlier in the evening set the mood for dancing and delicious food at the following celebration. Favorite details of the day include the bride's incredible henna and the daring downtown portraits of this gorgeous couple.

From the photographer:

I first met Anjali and Adam on a Rainy evening in Uptown. We sat around a table, shared some coffee (or Chai) and stories about how they found each other. I noticed how comfortable they were with each other and how quick they were to smile. Their wedding was pretty incredible, with so much laughter and joy from start to finish. The ceremony was held at the historic Lake Wood Chapel in Minneapolis with stunning interiors made of mosaic tiles. From there the wedding party took pedicabs downtown to the Dakota Jazz Club to continue the celebration and dance the night away with a live band. When the bride and groom arrived at the reception to cheers and applause, Adam took the time to personally thank and shake hands with each and every cab driver. I was truly blessed to celebrate with this couple on their first day as husband and wife.

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