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Nick & Brittney: One Great Love Story

Rebekah Gregorich

Wedding Date: September 2, 2017

The universe tried its very hardest to get Brittney and Nick married. From placing them in the same high school, to making Nick’s dad a customer where Brittney waitressed, which resulted in the two meeting, dating for a few months but ultimately fizzling out. The universe was not done, though. Constantly running into each other out with friends led to a serendipitous phone call led to two beautiful daughters and finally, a wedding. The space and décor they chose reflected their personal style to a T. The men opting for jeans and boots beautifully juxtaposed Brittney's uber-glam beaded gown. Chic and sparse table settings mixed with accents in keeping with the barn façade made the evening the spitting image of the two and their connection. Just like the bacon cookie on their dessert tower, this unique pairing was just destined to come together.

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