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Kayla Lee Photography + Design

United States
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Journalist and educator by training, storyteller at heart, and sucker for all things sweet and sappy, Kayla Lee is dedicated to telling the story that leads to “I do” and will continue into your happily ever after. Using the same eyes trained to tell the tales of the world, she becomes your personal narrator for the biggest day of your romance; in seeking the moments that shout “This is us!” Kayla Lee guarantees your wedding lasts long beyond the cake cutting and dancing to tell your love to the generations that follow.
Because of her deep-rooted belief that we authentically live our best stories, the heroes of the 2018 #KaylaLeeLoveStories will help support COMPAS, a St. Paul non-profit organization with the mission to help individuals develop their voices through creative endeavors. In telling your natural, authentic, everlasting story, you will help make it possible for someone else to tell theirs.

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