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Men of Style

Groom’s fashion doesn’t stop at the suit. Whether he’s the classic or contemporary type, these wedding-day essentials will add a big dose of personality to his “I do” duds.

Wedding-day style is an ever-evolving matter of personal choice, but one aspect that remains constant is the importance of accessorizing your look. From the bride’s jewelry to the flower girl’s headband, it’s the little details that up the style quotient on your big day. Your groom, of course, is no exception, as the perfect accoutrements can take your hubby-to-be from simple suit-wearer to a polished, proper gentleman.

Choosing those just-right accessories means taking into consideration the groom’s style preferences. Having a traditional wedding? Your groom will want to add classic accessories to his dapper ensemble—those timeless touches that you might see on mid-century movie stars. Details like a pair of cuff links, a pocket watch, a silk bowtie, a fine pen and a long-handled umbrella (rain on your wedding day is a sign of good luck, remember) make handsome and functional additions to his day. A set of books on gentlemanly topics like formal fashion and the art of making the perfect drink provides great reading in the days before the wedding.

Of course, if your wedding leans toward the nontraditional (think outdoor, unconventional or modern spaces), your groom will have plenty of room to express himself. While most men won’t step too far out of the box with their overall look, personalities and interests shine in the details. Contemporary, fashion-forward gents personalize their wedding-day ensemble with stylized pieces, from quirky vintage sunglasses, a rugged key fob and a leather-band watch, to a chic tie with a big pop of color and a fetching flask for post-ceremony celebrations.

Consider the following stylish options for your groom:

The Modern Groom (left leg)

  • Moods of Norway “Even Flo Slim” black-blue herringbone trousers ($245) from MartinPatrick3.
  • Bey-Berk stainless steel and brown leather ostrich-print flask ($44) from MartinPatrick3. 
  • Allen Edmonds “Sanford” shoes in walnut ($335) from Heimie’s Haberdashery
  • Simon Carter London watch with black leather band ($225) from MartinPatrick3.
  • Altea necktie ($100) from MartinPatrick3. 
  • Illesteva “Leonard” sunglasses ($165) from Askov Finlayson
  • Leatherworks Minnesota black cherry leather-loop key fob ($24) from Askov Finlayson. 
  • Marcoliani Milano socks ($28) from Heimie’s Haberdashery.

The Classic Groom (right leg)

  • Skultuna “The Crown Gold” red cuff links, “The Polar Star” white cuff links ($75) from Askov Finlayson.
  • A Gentleman Gets Dressed Up ($14.99), ABC of Men’s Fashion ($19.95), Mr. Boston Official Bartender’s Guide ($14.99) from MartinPatrick3.
  • Bruno Piattelli silk bowtie ($38) from Heimie’s Haberdashery. 
  • Acme Studio wood pen ($75), Pierre Belvédère black pen ($25), plaid fabric pen ($20) from MartinPatrick3. 
  • Vintage silver Waltham pocket watch ($345) from MartinPatrick3. 
  • Allen Edmonds “Park Avenue” shoes in black ($335) from Heimie’s Haberdashery. 
  • Fox handmade, polished-wood handle umbrella ($125) from Askov Finlayson.
  • Positano gray pinstripe pants ($750 for suit) from Heimie’s Haberdashery.
  • Marcoliani Milano socks ($24) from Heimie’s Haberdashery.

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