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Paper? 5 Fabulous First Anniversary Gifts

Did you know in the 19th century you were considered a "bride" for the entire year after your wedding? It was even acceptable to wear your wedding dress as an evening gown until your first anniversary. These days, you might be hesitant to consider yourself a bride (or groom) after saying "I do", but as far as we're concerned, you're certainly still a newlywed. And if you're anything like us, when the planning is over you may decide to stick around the wedding world for a while (read: indefinitely), which is why we'll be here with tips and tricks to help you navigate this exciting time in your life.

One question that's been on our minds lately: What exactly makes a great first anniversary gift? Tradition denotes paper, and we all know you can be more creative than the good ol' greeting card. We've done some searching and rounded up a list of unique and thoughtful gifts to help get the gears turning. As for the wedding dress? If you'd like to include it in your evening finery, we'll be right behind you...

1. Custom family crest. You'll be investing in an heirloom for generations to come. We love these custom painted crests by Juliet Grace Design:


2. Leather bound journal for the writer (or note-taker) in your life. Bonus points if it's embossed with a monogram, like this one from Pottery Barn.


3. Custom stationery with all the trimmings (vintage stamps, wax seals...the possibilities are endless!). Try Seattle-based stationery and letterpress designer Dahlia Press.


4. Framed newspaper clipping from the date and town in which you were wed. Your local library usually has a back-log of newspapers and will mail one for a small fee.


5. Calligraphed vows. What better way to preserve a promise than by turning it into a work of art? Check out Lavender Calligraphy's Etsy Shop.


Minnesota Bride Planning Checklist!

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