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Simple DIY: Framed Flowers Tutorial

This sweet and simple DIY can make for a fun project during a gathering with several friends or a bridal party. Use a single flower frame as a background for a photo, or cluster several flower frames together to create a large, gorgeous floral backdrop.


-Flowers! Forage for as many as you can find around your house (and your neighbor's house, if you ask them nicely). It can be fun to have your friends bring buckets of flowers they’ve collected for lots of variety.

- Sturdy Frame (I like to shop for these at garage sales... you can paint it if you really want to)

- Backing: We used leftover burlap for this tutorial (it seems most people have some of this stored away somewhere, but you can use anything else you’d like for the backing. Heavy duty fabric or cardboard could really work well too)

-Chicken wire

Tools: Staple gun (with staples), wire cutters, scissors or clippers


1. Turn your frame face down, place a square of chicken wire (bigger than the frame) on the frame back and staple to secure.

2. Trim chicken wire to fit frame.

3. Staple burlap (doubled over) over chicken wire, and trim to fit.

4. Turn frame over.

5. Add flowers! Trim stems to about 4 inches and insert under the chicken wire (the longer stems help it stay in the frame easier)

6. Fill frame with as many flowers as you can fit in. The flowers help support each other in the frame, so the more the better!

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Great Job! You've made something beautiful!

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