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5 Wedding Floral Tips from Ashley Fox Design

One of the Twin Cities' top florists divulges her top five tips to making the most of your wedding florals.
updated 9/3/19

The question I often get from brides and grooms when helping them plan their floral and décor is "What do people normally do?” I tell them, “What is normal for one couple is not always complimentary for another couple.”

The truth is there isn’t one idea that works for everyone. Keep in mind: if you stick with your intuition and use the help of a good designer, you can have a wedding that looks and feels like the two of you. To begin, start by looking at photos from magazines and local and national wedding blogs. You may see ideas you like and local vendors who can provide them for you.

Here are five tips that have helped my past clients create their wedding floral and decor:

1. When on a tight budget and want a simple look, use simple, straight-sided clear glassware with greens (ferns, moss, unusual single large leaves) each in their own container. Cluster them on a circular table or in a row down the length of a rectangle table.

2. Linens make all the difference; they are a floral designer’s canvas. Don’t make the flowers do all the work. Spend a bit more on the linens, an overlay, runner or colorful napkins, and spend a little less on the floral. It will work better overall because the color scheme and style will flow, instead of working against each other. Remember: it is the total look and feel you are going for.

3. Use lots of candles. When you think you have enough, buy 100 more. Set them along the walkway to your venue, on the sides of an important stairway, on tables, everywhere. However, be mindful if you are having children at your party and put all candles up high or in hanging glass jars or lanterns.

4. Hang decorative items from the ceiling in a reception ballroom, tent or dining room rather than do tall centers. Tall centers scream, “I am trying to fill the space and I don’t know how!”  Instead, hang small strings of live or paper flowers from the ceiling.  It will move the eye up using minimal product. You don’t have to hang things all over—just one or two areas will do it. Hang paper garlands, etc., at the place card table or in just two corners of the room diagonal from each other. The feeling that the space has been paid attention to will be there. If the ceiling is so tall you cannot hang something from them, forget it. It's not worth the trouble and your guests will never know the difference.  

5. At your first consultation tell the floral designer your dream wedding décor—the best bouquet, the greatest table center, the biggest archway, aisle flowers, etc. A good designer can take cues from your ultimate wishes and create something that is infused with your ideas, and most importantly, more toward your budget.

Most importantly, when you have made a decision regarding anything about your wedding, just go with it, don’t waffle back and fourth.  It is one day.  It may or may not be perfect.  What is important is to make it right for the two of you.  Make decisions and move on.  You will have a lot more fun in the whole process.

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