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Emi & Renata: A Rainbow Family Affair

Rebekah Gregorich

Wedding Date: September 24, 2017

Emi and Renata actually met as Damien and Queenie; Damien D’Luxe being Emi’s drag persona and Queenie-Von-Curves Renata’s burlesque character. Both such magnetic personalities performing all around the city, they were bound to find each other. Though it wasn’t until the true Emi and Renata were revealed to one another that their love fully blossomed. Ashley Berry, their photographer, believes that the wedding day starts “when you wake up in the morning and look at the person you’re going to marry.” This is why she chose to shoot the two immediately when they awoke, capturing the sheer bliss and excitement. The ceremony was held in Emi’s parent’s backyard; they were married beneath a Jewish Chuppah which included a dazzling waterfall of colorful paper cranes to represent both of their cultures. The pair, as well as their wedding party and their guests were a cornucopia of color, making the whole day into the evening at LUSH truly sparkle. As the cherry on top of this kaleidoscopic love story, Emi and Renata created with their own last name, Nijiya, which in Japanese means “Rainbow Family.”

*This wedding is an online-exclusive feature and does not appear in print.

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