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Carrie Bradshaw Wedding Inspiration at Hotel Ivy

The most classy evening.
Rebekah Gregorich - updated 8/26/19
Wedding Photography at Hotel Ivy

Wedding Date:  May 6, 2017

The guest list was small but the night was anything but. Desiree and Paul celebrated their love in a fashion quite unlike their summer camp start back in 2000. Amongst the most glamourous spots in Minneapolis, the pair made it official at the Hotel Ivy. They then strolled down to the Foshay, Desiree in her Carrie Bradshaw-reminiscent Monolo Blahniks, the two stopping for a kiss several times along the way. Festive champagne flutes greeted them at the Prohibition bar, where they opted for a cocktail-style dinner with hors d'oeuvres encouraging guests to continue mingling. The toasts were tearful and plentiful. The décor only added to the inherent drama of the venue, which made for a seamlessly classy, and classic evening.  

Wedding Photography at Hotel Ivy

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