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Green Centerpiece Ideas: Air Plant Terrariums

A guide to designing unique terrariums for your tables and guests

Air plants have become a serious trend this past year and continue to be popular in bridal bouquets and as reception decor. With so many options for materials, containers and design, creating your own terrariums using these hearty plants is a simple and stylish way to add a little green to your big day. Custom terrariums would also make a great gift-that-keeps-on-giving for bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and groom or as low maintenance favors for guests. Because we've fallen in love with them just that much, we've put together a guide on building your own air plant terrarium, with examples for containers, base materials and air plant care.

1. Choosing a Container


The best terrarium containers are clear, in a size that works with your theme and will safely hold the materials. Short wide vases, candle holders or any open glass container will work. No matter the shape or size, all will look great once you've style them with materials and your air plant of choice (we're fans of mixing and matching!). 

2. Deciding on Materials


A base material like sand, soil or rocks is important as an anchor for the air plant and miscellaneous items like shells, decorative knick-knacks and pebbles, which add some personality. There are endless combinations of materials you can fill your terrarium with. Whether you buy items or collect them from outside, consider the theme you are going for. Model it after a specific region or recreate your favorite vacation getaway. Our materials were collected from various beaches and forests to create an earthy feel with neutral tones. 

3. Your Air Plant


The air plant is tradionally called a tillandsia (till 'an'de'sia), a species of tropical plant that does not need soil to survive. They collect water directly from their green leaves and need minimal watering to stay healthy. There are many varieties to choose from in a range of shapes and sizes. Typically available at a local nursery, airplants are the perfect match for a DIY terrarium with the ability to be inserted and removed easily for watering.  

4. Care Instructions

Care Instructions

Air plants need to be watered at least once a week. Remove them from the terrarium and soak with room temperature water in a size appropriate bowl for 20-40 minutes. When finished soaking, remove from bowl and set upside down until completly dry, then return back to the terrarium. 

Terrariums are a sustainable, affordable, hands-on way to incorporate some natural elements into your wedding day. Passing them off to the wedding party and guests will keep the memory of your special day alive long after the music stops.

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